Exago Market

Exago Market – idea and concept management software

Exago Market is an idea management solution that relies on a predictive market to generate the first triage of ideas and track them through to implementation. It allows you efficiently and effectively to evaluate thousands of ideas using the collective wisdom of participants, either internal or external to your organization.

Exago Market is designed to evaluate concepts, risks and opportunities and to predict event probability, helping to ensure you make the right initial decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Like all our idea management software, it includes useful features for evaluating and motivating participants, as well as intuitive, customizable interfaces.

Exago Market

  1. Predictive Market engine
  2. Personal reputation evaluation & scoring
  3. Idea ranking by multiple criteria
  4. Idea discussion forum
  5. Integrated user prizes & incentives
  6. Multiple innovation challenges
  7. Idea duplication detection
  8. Review ratings for ideas & concepts

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